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European Christmas Markets
Travel to Basel and be part of the Annual Christmas Market!
Experience the Christmas Market in Brussels!
Join in on the festivities at the Budapest Christmas Market!
Visit the Christmas Market in Cologne!
Join in on the Nuremberg Christmas Market festivities!
Enjoy the Christmas Market in Prague!
Visit one of the best sunny Christmas Markets in Europe!
Come experience the Christmas Markets in Tallinn!
Spend your time at the Christmas Market in Vienna!
New Year's Eve
Spend New Year's Eve in the enchanting seaside city!
Spend New Year's Eve in this magical city!
Spend New Year's Eve in Las Vegas, Nevada!
Experience New Year's Eve in this magical city!
Welcome the new year in balmy 70 degree weather on the beach in Miami!
Experience the amazing Ball Drop in New York!
Spend New Year's Eve in the city of Love!
Spend New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro - One of the main tourist destinations in the Southern Hemisphere!
Spend New Year's Eve in the Eternal City - Rome!
Events & Celebrations

Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it - this is true with many of our Events & Celebrations itineraries, where scores of people gather to celebrate World famous festivals and events, thousands come together to ring in the New Year and famous clubs overflow with eager partygoers. Immerse yourself in the excitement that is World’s Ultimate Celebrations & Events.

Our Celebrations & Events journeys are offered by World’s Ultimate Experiences. Click here to view our Events & Celebrations itineraries.

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