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Pre & Post Cruise Itineraries

Enjoy your pre-cruise in Barcelona and post-cruise in Rome!
Make the best of both Rome and Barcelona with this cruise package!
Start off in the eternal city of Rome and end in the city of love - Venice!
Combine stays in Venice and Rome to make the most of your vacation!

Pre-Cruise Itineraries

Spend a few days in Barcelona before setting sail on your cruise!
Embrace the sensuality, salsa and style of this city before your cruise.
Visit the eternal city and discover all its riches before your cruise!
Spend a few nights in Vancouver before embarking on your cruise!
Discover one of the most romantic cities in the world!

Cruises & Sailings

What about one experience that takes you anywhere? Discover the best ocean and river cruises around! Whether you opt to explore the Caribbean and its array of exceptional islands, experience the Mediterranean Riviera’s golden allure, or venture into the waters mirroring the majestic Northern Lights - we have a cruise to suit any desire.

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