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Escape to the island retreat of St. Lucia known for its French flair.
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St. Lucia

Saint Lucia is a sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. It forms part of the Lesser Antilles, it is located northeast of the island of Saint Vincent, northwest of Barbados and south of Martinique. The capital is Castries. Blessed by nature, St Lucia has geographic and cultural riches enough to embarrass far bigger nations. Notwithstanding, it remains a down-to-earth place that wears its breathtaking beauty with nonchalance. Known for its numerous luxury resorts exuding French flair, St. Lucia is really two islands in one. Rodney Bay in the north offers modern comforts amid a beautiful bay. In the south, Soufrière is at the heart of a gorgeous region of old plantations, hidden beaches and the geologic wonder of the impossibly photogenic Pitons. Rising tall from a Caribbean sea base and covered in emerald-colored vegetation, these volcanic plugs (or land formations made out of volcanic materials) are the most iconic sight in all of St. Lucia. Situated between the towns of Soufrière and Choiseul, Gros Piton and its smaller sibling, Petit Piton, are easy to spot from many points in the southwest. You could also embrace the seclusion and delectable cuisine of Marigot Bay.

In the capital city, Castries, you can stock up on hot sauce, spices, and luscious fruits and vegetables at the bustling public market, or bring back pottery, wood carvings, and silk-screened textiles from the shops along William Peter Boulevard and Bridge Street. Head to Rodney Bay for original artworks and antique prints, and Soufrière for batik clothing. The area surrounding Castries has many fantastic galleries and handicrafts outlets including batik studios and a fine wood-carving workshop. There are also some interesting artists working around Soufrière. At the high end, St Lucian handicrafts are very special and will add a unique touch to your home, but they don't come cheap. The local currency is East Caribbean Dollar although US Dollar is widely accepted. English is the official language and the time zone is UTC/GMT -4 hours.


The temperature in St. Lucia averages between 75°F and 84°F (24°C-29°C) in both winter and summer, although it can get chilly in the early morning and at night. The Caribbean winter is usually like a perpetual late spring – naturally, the high season for North Americans rushing to escape snow and ice. Summer brings broiling hot sun and humidity. There’s a much greater chance of rain during the summer and fall.

The Hurricane Season

The curse of the Caribbean weather, the hurricane season, lasts (officially) from June 1 to November 30. But there is no cause for panic. Hurricanes are actually fairly infrequent here, and when one does come, satellite forecasts generally give adequate advance warning so that precautions can be taken.

The peak winter period is from mid-December to mid-April, when visitors fleeing from cold north winds flock to the islands. Winter is also the driest season.

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