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The Top Attractions and Adventures when traveling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the world's ultimate travel destinations, whether traveling on business or for vacation, the rich coast of Costa Rica can be enjoyed. A vacation to Costa Rica will provide you with all the necessary elements for an idyllic vacation or holiday. Young and old alike can find something to enjoy in Costa Rica, a small country with a lot to offer. Whether exploring Costa Rica from Coast to Coast or with Costa Rica Five Star Luxury package , explore the various options World’s Ultimate Travels has to offer to travelers.

Costa Rica, a small country in Central America, borders Nicaragua, Panama, the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea. The narrowest point from the Caribbean coast to the Pacific coast measures only 120km despite Costa Rica's more than 1,200km of coastline.

In spite of having only about 0.1% of the world's landmass, Costa Rica contains 5% of the world's biodiversity. About 25% of the country's land is protected by national parks and areas, making it the largest percentage of protected areas in the world. Costa Rica is a country well known for its biodiversity and ecology, with renewable energy sources and a wealth of plant life. A 100% pure Vida country.

Juan Santamaria International Airport is Costa Rica's international airport, located near San Jose, the country's capital. A Latin American metropolis with cosmopolitan character, San Jose is the biggest city in the country. Its streets and avenues host the majority of the city's museums, the national theater, the national museum, and the Jade Museum, as well as several parks, including Plaza de la Cultura and Parque Morazan.

In San Jose City, you will find several exceptional restaurants and Barrios Escalante, a gastronomic center where high-quality food can be found, as well as the central market to try local foods.

Costa Rica offers untouched natural beauty, organic ingredients, and authentic experiences in the heart of Central America. Costa Rica occupies a privileged spot with beaches in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean and is a paradise for sun lovers, estimated to have over 600 beaches surrounding the entire national territory.

Stunning volcanoes, rain forests, mighty rivers, and rainforests are the highlights of Costa Rica. There are countless activities available for travelers in Costa Rica, such as climbing volcanoes, hiking, biking, ziplining, and exploring caves full of bats. Costa Rica is a family travel playground with tropical beaches, stunning natural wonders, and fascinating cultural treasures.

Experience the jungle's full magnificence on a walk through a rainforest. Misted clouds covering the tree canopies or the giant trees that grow within. Costa Rica is the perfect destination to let your blood flow, whether you are an adventurer or a slow traveler!

The culture of Costa Rica is welcoming to children, and the country is extremely child-friendly. Among the rainforests and volcanoes located in the national parks, one can experience zip lining and river rafting amongst the wildlife. Green turtle hatchlings scurry along the beaches toward the Caribbean Sea in the summer, while the howler monkeys roar in the rainforest hills.

Child-friendly activities to explore while traveling to Costa Rica:

This country is a leader in eco-consciousness, where nature reigns supreme. Because of its excellent white-river rafting opportunities, this country has been named the 'white water capital of the world'. Costa Rica is home to 52 species of hummingbird and over 800 species of birdlife to enjoy.

Places of Interest in Costa Rica
The Top attractions to explore while traveling to Costa Rica:
Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio is one of the smallest national parks in Costa Rica and hosts some of the best and most beautiful beaches with sparkling blue waters set along the Pacific coast. Manuel Antonio is home to an unspoiled, world-class beach and a national park dedicated to its name. There are lots of activities for holidaymakers to enjoy, from snorkeling to jungle hikes, which makes it a great place for families. Exploring the tidal pools or hiking through the forests will reveal an array of Costa Rica's wildlife and animals.
The name Monteverde means 'green mountain'. The quaint town of Santa Elena is located at the top of a mountain and offers an array of gift shops, accommodations, restaurants, cafes, a supermarket, banks, and many more. The road to Monteverde leads to the cloud forest reserve, where misty clouds and lush foliage can be found. Monteverde's cloud forests are a misty paradise that hosts a variety of plant species and wildlife. Adventure awaits you in Costa Rica's central highlands if spending time in nature is on your bucket list. With activities like zip-lining and tours of the coffee plantations, Monteverde offers plenty of ways to stay active.
Arenal Volcano
Arenal Volcano
In La Fortuna you can find the Arena recreation area, an outdoor adventurer's paradise. During its active phase, Arenal was Costa Rica's most active volcano, standing at 5.437 feet (1,657 meters). Although it is no longer active, Arenal is one of Costa Rica's most impressive natural wonders. Gorgeous volcanic views grace the landscape along with geothermal hot springs. The Lake and River beckon an aquatic adventure, waterfalls offering cool crisp pools and spectacular views to be enjoyed while on a hike. The volcano is majestic to behold and is a behemoth against the region's perfect skies. Arenal's perfect symmetry frames the skyline as it rises high above the rainforest surrounding its base.
Tamarindo is located in Guanacaste on the Pacific coast. Restaurants and bars are plentiful in the center of town. Tamarindo is a wonderful destination for relaxing on the golden sand beach and enjoying the sunny weather. This town has a vibrant nightlife and surfing is one of the most popular activities. La Langosta beach has lovely white sand and is located near Tamarindo. Marine La Beulous National Park serves as a haven for the leatherback sea turtle population, which nests in this area without fear of being captured or having their eggs stolen. Birdwatchers will enjoy the 150 species of birds that live in Tamarindo.
Tortuguero is a small town on the Caribbean coast and a major nesting site for green and leatherback turtles. This species of turtle can be viewed in groups laying eggs on the sand in the months of April-May and July-October.

Travelers to Costa Rica can experience the best the country has to offer and learn about its fascinating history and culture with World’s Ultimate Travels. There are a variety of vacation packages or custom built itineraries for travelers to choose from, from relaxing holidays to adventure-filled trips.

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