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Venture through the timeless city of Syracuse

Syracuse, or Siracusa in Italian, is one of the most stunning locations in Sicily, and perhaps the entire Italy. Rich in history, this captivating town holds a beautiful city center showcasing the breathtaking duomo, while the archaeological park boasts stunning ruins harkening back to both Greek and Roman times.

Syracuse (Siracusa) is the epitome of Sicily's beauty and history. The city gushes of Greek ruins that still stand today, surrounded by lush citrus orchards, and Baroque piazzas filled with lively cafe tables. The medieval side streets that lead to the sparkling blue sea add to the city's charm. It's hard to believe that Syracuse was once the largest city in the ancient world, surpassing even Athens and Corinth.

Ortygia (Ortigia), situated across the water from the mainland, is the most picturesque part of Syracuse. This quarter has an irresistible vibe, with stunning streetscapes, excellent dining, drinking, and shopping options, and a growing number of admirers. The island of Ortygia, also known as Città Vecchia or Old City, is home to many of Syracuse's main attractions, including the seventh-century cathedral and the Fountain of Arethusa, all located in the harbor.

Traveling to Syracuse is like stepping back in time. This ancient city has stood the test of time for over a thousand years and continues to impress visitors with its timeless beauty. Get lost in the maze of narrow streets and marvel at the ornate Baroque churches and centuries-old palazzi. Don't forget to add watching the sunset over the Mediterranean from Ortygia's western promenade to your to-do list, it's a truly breathtaking experience.

From architecture that has stood the test of time to exquisite religious art, unforgettable sweet-savory cuisine, and breathtaking Mediterranean sunsets, this city is a treasure trove of enduring beauty.

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