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Discover the Enchanting Metropolitan of Cagliari

Built on seven hills like Rome, Cagliari is a picturesque city that encapsulates the allure of a thousand-year history. Nestled between white limestone rocks and the blue sea, the city is Sardinia's primary and most populous city. It is the island's gateway port and the main Mediterranean cruise liner hub. With an urban area of up to 430,000 inhabitants and 150,000 of them in the capital city alone, Cagliari has a rich history that spans thousands of years, from prehistoric times to the reign of the Savoy.

The city's name comes from the Punic word “Karel” or “Karalis” – which means rocky place and it’s an obvious indication of the morphology of the city. The old town is the heart of the city and is divided into four quarters: Castello, Stampace, Villanova and Marina.

The Castello district is situated atop a hill, with a fantastic view of the entire city. Historically, it was where the ruling class resided, and it is home to the oldest buildings in the city. The district is a must-see for tourists, with significant landmarks and stunning views.

The Marina district is located along the harbor and provides easy access to transportation, including buses and trains, to explore the island. It boasts numerous restaurants with an authentic Italian feel, with quiet pedestrian streets and laundry hanging from balconies.

The Villanova district is the most recent of the four and historically was the arts district. It is home to several great restaurants and feels more modern than the others.

The Stampace district is the oldest district, housing the middle class and merchants. It currently features a thriving bar scene and modern buildings with its most famous landmark being the Roman amphitheater ruins.

Apart from its historical landmarks, the city is also surrounded by areas of exceptional environmental interest, including Poetto Beach, Molentargius Park, and Santa Gilla Lagoon. Cagliari hosts a university, a harbor, and a nearby airport connected to the main Italian and European cities. With its Mediterranean climate and mild weather, the Metropolitan City of Cagliari is a perfect place to visit all year round.

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