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Visit Villasimius for a unique blend of incomparable beaches, mountains and culture.
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Discover the Charm of Villasimius: Beaches, Nightlife, and History

Villasimius is a captivating blend of picturesque beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich historical culture. This former fishing village on the southwest tip of Sardinia has become a sought-after resort destination, boasting golden-white beaches with transparent water, intense fragrances of myrtle plants, juniper, Scotch broom, and accommodations for every type of tourist.

The territory of Villasimius extends from the mountain chain of the Seven Brothers to the coasts of the Capo Carbonara Promontory. While the mountains are of incomparable beauty, the beaches are the main attraction. Some of the must-visit beaches include Simius, Punta Molentis, Porto Giunco, Cala Caterina, Spiaggia del Riso, Campus, Campulongu, Porto Sa Ruxi, and Timi Ama. The coastline also features defensive towers erected by the Spanish when they were fending off attacks from the Arabs and pirates of Barbary.

Shopping enthusiasts will enjoy the many pretty little shops, while night owls can indulge in the many restaurants, bars, and clubs. Villasimius is also well-known for religious festivals, honey and local wine production, amaretti sardi (almond cookies), and formaggelle (a Sardinian sweet made with pecorino ricotta, also known as Pardulas).

Villasimius is also home to two islands: Isola dei Cavoli, or Cabbage Island, which is named for the abundant presence of cabbage, and Isola di Serpentara, which takes its name from the island’s serpent-like form.

In addition to its beaches, Villasimius has much to offer outdoor enthusiasts and history lovers alike. The remains of the Nuragic civilization testify to this ancient people’s presence on Sardinia, long before the Phoenicians and Romans. Visit Nuragic centers with expert guides to explore this mysterious society’s story.

The piazza at the heart of Villasimius unveils the authentic Mediterranean character of the town. The old Fortezza Vecchia fortress, dating back to the 17th century, stands proudly over the harbor and now hosts art exhibitions for the public to admire.

Whether you're interested in exploring ancient sites, relaxing under the hot sun, or watching wading birds at play, Villasimius has something to offer for everyone.

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