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Trapani's ideal location provides ample sight-seeing opportunities for you to explore.
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Roam the versatile Trapani

Located on the northern tip of Sicily's unexplored western coast, Trapani exhibits a classic Mediterranean vibe. Tourists come to see the charming salt flats and tuna fisheries surrounding its crescent-shaped bay and to visit the nearby Aegadian Islands via ferry. Trapani's prime location between two seas, at the foot of Monte Erice, near Selinunte, and facing the stunning Aegadian Islands and salt pans, make it an ideal destination to explore.

Take a walk through the heart of the city and you'll immediately notice the many cultural layers left behind by the various ruling powers throughout the centuries. The city's architecture, art, and monuments all bear witness to this. The oldest and most iconic streets in the city are Via Garibaldi, Corso Italia, and Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

As tuna fishing and salt production became the primary activities of Trapani and its surrounding region, the port grew increasingly important. Tuna fishing plants, known as tonnare in Italian, began to appear along the coast, resulting in a number of remarkable, albeit mostly dilapidated, structures in San Giuliano, San Cusumano, Isola di Formica, Favignana, Bonagia, San Vito Lo Cap and Scopello. Every spring, an annual culling of tuna, called mattanza, was held near the Egadi Islands. The salt pans in Trapani were famous around the world for producing high-quality salt that was exported to various countries, including Norway where it was used to cure cod. Today, Trapani's old town center has been beautifully restored and is a popular tourist spot, with the nearby Egadi Islands providing an excellent opportunity for exploration.

There are several attractions located nearby, including the stunning San Vito Lo Capo beach, the quaint wine town of Marsala with its impressively restored old town center, the hilltop town of Erice, and the Temple and Amphitheatre at Segesta.

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