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Experience the best of the Alsace region from the magical city of Strasbourg.
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Discover Strasbourg's Unique Blend of History, Culture and Modernity!

Situated on the Rhine, right across the border from Germany, Strasbourg is the perfect destination to experience the best of the Alsace region. The city boasts people-friendly streets, forward-thinking design, and a welcoming atmosphere, with plenty of space dedicated to pedestrians, bicycles, sleek trams, and glistening waterways. With a vibrant city vibe and a name that literally means the "city of streets," Strasbourg is the ultimate crossroads.

For first-time visitors, Strasbourg feels like stepping into a movie set. This beautiful city boasts an array of architectural masterpieces dating from the Medieval, Renaissance, Romantic, and Art Nouveau periods. The old town's winding streets and alleys invite you to explore and gaze up at the rooftops and spires. The charming half-timbered houses with sloping roofs, reminiscent of fairy tales, reflect in the many waterways surrounding and flowing through the city. Everywhere you look, cascades of vibrant flowers adorn balconies and bridges. You will find yourself wanting to pause at every corner and capture the moment in photographs.

Located at the crossroads of two cultures, Strasbourg is a city that boasts an exceptional architectural heritage. It's a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary styles, where historical monuments coexist with modern structures. As the seat of several European institutions, Strasbourg is a vital European city where you can experience the values of peace, democracy, and reconciliation between peoples. The city is rich in culture and boasts several museums with stunning artworks, historical treasures, and themed collections. Strasbourg is also renowned for its cosmopolitan cultural institutions that offer a broad range of creative entertainment options, repertoires, and tastes. Come and explore this amazing city!

Strasbourg, the capital city of Alsace, perfectly embodies the region's idiosyncrasies. Walking a fine tightrope between France and Germany, and between a medieval past and a progressive future, the city blends these influences in an inimitable Alsatian style.

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