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Visit Skye for a classic Irish vacation that is sure to offer world-renowned attractions in one trip.
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Exploring Scotland's Cloud Island: The Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye, also known as 'Cloud Island' in Old Norse, is the largest of the Inner Hebrides and Scotland's second-largest island, making it an ideal destination for a classic Scottish island vacation. With a length of only 50 miles, this stunning location offers visitors the chance to see many of the island's world-renowned attractions in one trip. The island's breathtaking mountains, thunderous waterfalls, and awe-inspiring sunsets make it no surprise that it is Scotland's second most popular tourist destination after Edinburgh.

Skye, the largest island in Scotland's Inner Hebrides, is accessible via the Skye Bridge and Mallaig-Armadale ferry from the northwest coast of Scotland. Regardless of the weather, whether it's mild, wet, sunny, or windy, you'll be amazed by the stunning scenery and landscapes that Skye has to offer.

Skye is steeped in history, from the Highland clearances and clan warfare to the Jacobite rebellions and Bonnie Prince Charlie. Take a trip to An Corran in Staffin, one of Scotland's oldest archaeological sites, dating back to the 7th millennium BC and once home to dinosaurs. Even today, approximately 30% of the island's population speaks Gaelic, a testament to its enduring cultural heritage.

From the Cuillin Range to the Trotternish Ridge and the famous Old Man of Storr, rock formations abound on this Scottish island, making it a must-visit destination for hikers and rock enthusiasts alike. Here you can conquer 12 Munros – peaks over 3,000ft – while taking in some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in the world. Beyond the mountains, there are charming fishing villages to explore, award-winning restaurants to enjoy, and plenty of outdoor activities to pursue, including the opportunity to bag even more Munros.

While the Isle of Skye stretches for 50 miles, its meandering coastline extends far beyond that. This coastal paradise is begging to be explored, with pristine beaches backed by the island's mountainous terrain. Make your way to the northern Staffin Beach for a chance to discover incredible dinosaur footprints, if you're a fossil enthusiast. Venture eastward on the island to visit Braes Beach, Camas Ban, and Waterloo Beach. Braes Beach offers stunning views of the Sound of Raasay and is situated near sea stacks and caves, making it the perfect place for a refreshing walk.

Skye offers a variety of charming villages, each with its own intriguing history. Don't miss out on the opportunity to visit some of the most noteworthy ones, including Portee, Broadford, Dunvegan, and Uig.

If you're touring Scotland, a few days on the Isle of Skye should definitely be on your itinerary. However, if you have more time, you'll find that the island has countless ways to delight you with its majestic mountain ranges, miles of dramatic coastline, and captivating history.

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