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The Baroque-style town that is sure to leave a lasting impression is waiting to be explored.
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Espy the enchanting Ragusa

Ragusa is a town that has captivated visitors for years, leaving them in awe as they behold its beauty. Almost entirely Baroque in style, the Ragusa of today dates back to 1693, when a devastating earthquake destroyed most of the eastern side of Sicily, including Ragusa, Noto, Modica, Scicli, and Catania.

Ragusa is a city of contrasts, with two distinct areas: a modern section and an ancient, Baroque-style neighborhood known as Ibla. The city exhibits the refined elegance of late-Baroque towns in the Val di Noto and enchants visitors with its maze of narrow streets that house numerous churches and palaces. The ethereal beauty of Ragusa creates a magical atmosphere that makes it nearly impossible to leave.

Public opinion on where to rebuild the town was divided, and so a compromise was made. The wealthier, more aristocratic citizens built a new town on a different site, now Ragusa Superiore, while the other half of the population decided to rebuild on the original site, on a ridge at the bottom of a gorge, now known as Ragusa Ibla. The two towns remained separated until 1926 when they were merged to become the chief town of the province. While the upper portion of Ragusa boasts its share of architectural masterpieces, it's the smaller Ragusa Ibla, located below, that captures the attention of visitors. Whether you approach it from Modica to the south or from Ragusa Superiore, the sight of the haphazardly arranged houses, churches, and civic palaces piled atop one another, clinging to the walls of the gorge, is nothing short of breathtaking. Although the town was constructed on an existing medieval design, the Baroque era has left its mark on the town's core, with most buildings dating back to that time. Ragusa Ibla is a UNESCO Heritage site, with 18 of its structures being protected under the patronage of UNESCO.

Whether you're a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or simply someone who loves to explore new places, Ragusa is a town that's sure to leave a lasting impression. With its stunning Baroque architecture, charming streets, and rich culture, it's a destination that simply cannot be missed.

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