Puerto Iguazu

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Travel to all of Argentina's must-see places in one trip!
Visit the famed Iguazú Falls, one of the world's largest waterfalls.
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Puerto Iguazu

Puerto Iguazú is a city in northeast Argentina. It’s a gateway to Iguazú Falls in Iguazú National Park, with hundreds of cascades. The towering Garganta del Diablo fall sits in lush, wildlife-rich rainforest. Northwest, the Three Borders Landmark overlooks the rivers where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet. Tancredo Neves Bridge crosses the River Iguazú to Brazil. Iguazú Biocenter has a butterfly farm and orchids.

At the end of the road in Argentina, Puerto Iguazú sits at the confluence of the Ríos Paraná and Iguazú and looks across to Brazil and Paraguay. There’s little feeling of community: everyone is here to see the falls or to make a buck out of them, and planning laws seem nonexistent as hotels go up on every street. Still, it’s not unattractive and is quiet, safe and has good transportation connections; there are also many excellent places to stay and eat.

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