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This Victorian resort town invites you to explore dramatic shores and beautiful countryside.
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Discover Scotland's Best-Kept Secret in Oban

Located on the west coast of Scotland, Oban is a small seaside town surrounded by miles of dramatic shores and beautiful countryside. With its Gaelic name translating to "little bay," the town's population is just 8,500 residents. Known as the "Gateway to the Isles," Oban is a popular destination for those seeking a west coast adventure, where they can explore stunning landscapes and partake in outdoor activities. Don't miss out on this hidden gem of Scotland!

Oban is a beautiful Victorian resort located in a stunning, horseshoe-shaped bay. Not only is it a popular destination on its own, but it also serves as the gateway to the far-flung Hebridean islands. As the largest port in northwest Scotland, this charming town is the ideal starting point for exploring the breathtaking Scottish coastline.

As you approach the town from the top of the 'Bealach-an-Righ,' you'll catch a glimpse of the bustling port. As you descend the hill and the bay stretches out before you, you'll begin to understand why Oban has earned its reputation as Scotland's most beloved west-coast holiday destination.

The blend of sea salt and freshly cooked seafood wafts through the air as you take a leisurely stroll along the breezy promenade. You'll discover a picturesque view of the horizon, with a fringe of islands that are dominated by the mist-capped mountains of Mull.

Compared to other bays in the Highlands, Oban is truly distinctive in that it boasts two land masses that shield its bay from harsh winter storms. This creates a safe haven for a wide variety of fish and other marine creatures. It also served as a perfect spot for cave dwellers to find sustenance.

Once a minor fishing and trading hub, the neighborhood saw a significant transformation with the arrival of a distillery. Today, despite the addition of a chic boutique hotel and a few farm-to-fork restaurants, the area still exudes a peaceful atmosphere.

Are you ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure? Look no further than island hopping, taking a walk in the wilderness, breathing in fresh air, and basking in stunning sunsets and starry skies. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible wildlife, Highland history, and mouthwatering local cuisine.

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