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The gateway to Sicily is waiting to provide you with a taste of everything the region has to offer.
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Wonder the streets of the enduring Messina

Messina, the gateway to Sicily, is a city that is easy to explore on foot. On a beautiful sunny day, you can see the coast of Calabria so close that you could almost touch it. The Greeks used to call this corner of land Zancle, which means "sickle." This name was given due to its unique natural harbor that resembles a sickle.

Messina's history, much like Sicily's, has been shaped by seismic events due to its proximity to the volcanic Aeolian Islands. Despite enduring wars and earthquakes, Sicily's third-largest city still boasts pockets of ancient magnificence, thanks to tireless restoration work. Interestingly, visitors can arrive on some of Europe's last remaining train ferries that cross the strait, providing Messina with a nostalgic charm.

Take a moment to explore the hidden corners of Sicily and you'll find a warm, hospitable city with a festival schedule as vibrant as its storied history. Messina province offers an unforgettable experience, with everything from awe-inspiring Greek ruins to shimmering beaches and majestic Roman monuments.

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