Matusadona National Park

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The beautiful Victoria Falls and the wildlife of Matusadona National Park in one package – unforgettable!
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Matusadona National Park
Matusadona National Park is a national park in northern Zimbabwe situated on the southern shore of Lake Kariba. The park takes its name from the local Matuzviadonha Hills. Situated on the southern shore of Lake Kariba, the beautiful Matusadona National Park is home to the Big Five, including the endangered black rhino. While poaching has hit the park hard in the past decade, there remains an abundance of elephants, lions and outstanding birdwatching. Ghostly dead trees act as roosting places for fish eagles, cormorants and darters. The best time for wildlife viewing is between July and November. This iconic National Park is an area of outstanding natural beauty and unspoilt wilderness, filled with a huge variety of flora and fauna. The Matusadona National Park lies on the southern shores of Lake Kariba in the north west of Zimbabwe. Kariba is the vast body of water separating the countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia. This park is an unparalleled wilderness area measuring 1400 square kilometres. It is sandwiched between the steep sided Sanyati gorge to the east, and the wider meandering Ume River to the west. The 700m high rugged Matusadona range of mountains form the essential escarpment that separates the park from the farmlands and civilisation further south. Between the mountains which form the most magnificent backdrop and the beautiful shoreline with its inlets and bays, lies the valley floor which consists mainly of Mopani and Jesse bush, but is home to big herds of game. Due to its remoteness, access is not easy. Boats transfers from Kariba town are probably the simplest but if coming from further afield then air charters are common. Access by road is without question limited to 4x4 vehicles.

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