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Visit Catalonia’s capital and Spain’s biggest party island all in one trip!
Visit one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.
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Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s well known for the lively nightlife in Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni, where major European nightclubs have summer outposts. It’s also home to quiet villages, yoga retreats and beaches, from Platja d’en Bossa, lined with hotels, bars and shops, to quieter sandy coves backed by pine-clad hills found all around the coast. The maximum length of the island by highway is 42 km.

The heart and soul of the island, Ibiza Town (Eivissa) is a vivacious, stylish and elegant capital with a magical, fortified World Heritage–listed old quarter topped by a castle and cathedral, set against a spectacular natural harbor. It's also a shopaholic's dream, a hedonist's paradise and a world-famous party destination. Ibiza Town's leafy squares, harbor-front promenade and warren of whitewashed lanes are crammed with boutiques, restaurants, cafes and bars, attracting a unique blend of characters. In summer, the city becomes one of the globe's greatest catwalks, with fashionistas, clubbers, beach addicts and everyone in between strutting around its compact center. Also here are some of the world's glitziest megaclubs and, perhaps less prominently, a clutch of fascinating museums. On the harbour's north side lies the exclusive Marina Botafoc and, a little further northeast, gold-tinged Platja de Talamanca. To the south is the more-down-to-earth seaside suburb of Figueretes.

Ibiza Town is full of character, heart, soul, spirit and history. Not only is it home to the amazing UNESCO World Heritage listed site Dalt Vila - a huge, walled fortress surrounding a cobbled street town. It’s also the place where all the nightly summer action kicks off in a multitude of bars and restaurants in the port area. By day the jet set, yachting types and VIPs linger around the super cool Marina Botafoch area and just walking distance away are beautiful, laid-back beaches. Mediterranean history, ancient architecture, stunning seaside scenery and a cosmopolitan nightlife scene all merged into one unique place. San Antonio (also Sant Antoni) is the second largest town in Ibiza, and is considered by British clubbers to be the clubbing capital of the world. It is situated on San Antonio Bay, on the west of Ibiza. For two thousand years, San Antonio was a small fishing village, but it began to grow in the late 1950s when many hotels and tourist resorts were built as part of a mass tourism initiative which took place across Spain. By the 1980s, San Antonio had acquired the stigma of being the holiday location of choice for British football hooligans, which lead to a decline in tourism in the area. However, it regained its popularity in the mid-1990s when it gained a reputation in Britain as being the best place to stay whilst having access to all the islands night clubs, often quoted as the best in the world as well as hosting the best DJs in the world.

Though Balearic Catalan (simply "Catalan" in the Autonomy Statute) is the official language of the Balearic Islands, and all sign posts etc. are in Catalan, Castilian (Spanish) is the main language of the island, with most natives speaking either English or German. English is very widely understood throughout the island, and you can get by with just a basic knowledge of Spanish if you wish to make a slight effort.

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