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This unconventional and well-kept secret Greek Island is sure to surprise you with a vast variety of experiences.
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Soak in the Greek Island of Chios

Located in the North Aegean region, the island of Chios (pronounced Hee-os) is a well-kept secret. Across the water, a gentle haze reveals the stunning Turkish coast. Chios is the fifth-largest Greek island and is known for its historic mastic trees, medieval villages, a UNESCO-acknowledged monastery, and a deep-rooted history that dates back to the Neolithic period some 8,000 years ago.

If you're searching for an unconventional destination, look no further than the island of Chios. This Greek island is a haven for nature lovers who want to escape the tourist crowds. Take in the breathtaking views of its diverse landscapes, savor the delectable local cuisine, wander through charming medieval villages, explore ancient temples and monasteries, and relax on stunning beaches. The island has yet to be discovered by many tourists, so you can fully immerse yourself in Greek culture, whether through the island's locals, who either come from other parts of Greece or have strong family ties to Chios.

This rugged island is full of surprises and contrasts, making it an ideal travel destination. Take a stroll along the coastline, where you'll find breathtaking beaches such as the darkly pebbled Mavros Gialos and the soft sandy Komi Beach. With over 70 beaches to choose from, you'll find one that suits your taste, whether you prefer an organized or secluded setting. You can venture inland to explore the winding paths of the villages Pyrgi and Mesta, which boast distinct medieval architecture. In the same area, you can also visit the famous mastic groves to learn about the production of this uniquely Chian sap. For a historical experience, head high into the mountains and pay homage at the Nea Moni monastery and the Temple of the Holy Cross, a commemoration of the fighters from the 1822 Massacre of Chios. Chios is an island with many facets, and its proud residents, known as Chians, are eager to share their rich history with you.

Chios had a thriving shipping industry in the past, but today it is mostly known for its agricultural sector. The island's primary crops include citrus, olives, figs, cherries, and mastic. Nowadays, Chios is a bustling town with various economic, maritime, and commercial activities. Additionally, the town is the island's cultural center, as it houses most of the schools and libraries, such as the Koraes Library, and the Homerion Cultural Center. Despite the 1822 catastrophe, the 1881 earthquake, and extensive post-war reconstruction, the town still has several sites of architectural interest not only in the center but also in various neighborhoods.

Chios Island has gained a reputation for its mastic villages and skilled sea captains, but it remains one of the most uncharted islands in the North Aegean, offering a wealth of secrets, surprises, and hidden treasures. It is blessed with natural and historical wonders, making it an unforgettable holiday destination in the Aegean. However, you might leave a piece of your soul in Chios Island as it is a truly irresistible and authentic experience.

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