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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires known as the birthplace of the tango is like the dance itself, captivating, seductive and bustling with excited energy. The capital of Argentina is located at the north eastern edge of the flat plain known as the Pampas, which occupies the agricultural heartland. The humid subtropical climate offers four distinct seasons – Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn. The city has a splendid ambience of old neighborhoods with romantic restaurants and exceptional nightlife. The European heritage throughout Buenos Aires is evident in the architecture, boulevards and parks. The city layout is mostly organized in grid form which makes it very easy to get around especially with the amount of transportation that is offered. The Latin American shopping capital in the Northern Barrios of the city is well worth a visit where you can buy leather or woolen goods that Buenos Aires is famous for. Whilst there you can visit the city’s oldest bar - Cafe Tortoni – which will transport you back to 1858. The currency of the city is the Argentinian Peso which is closely linked with the US Dollar. Additionally, if you are looking to buy something in Buenos Aires, it is likely that you’ll be able to spend your US Dollars as they are widely accepted. Visit this vibrant city which offers you the Argentinian culture and food. You may be the next to take a spin in an impromptu tango show in the streets.

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