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This city on the heel of the Italian "boot" is bound to enchant you with it's beauty and diversity.
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Explore the Wonders of Bari: Capital of Puglia

Located in the heel of the Italian “boot,” Bari is a vibrant city that embodies the essence of southern Italy. Not only is it the capital of Puglia, but it’s also a major transportation hub for ferries and cruise ships departing to other Mediterranean destinations. Bari offers a unique blend of coastal charm and historical significance. The city is home to a renowned university, an enchanting old town with hidden gems, picturesque courtyards, and beautiful churches. However, Bari is more than just a transportation hub and capital city! It's a hidden gem filled with centuries of history, excellent foodie spots, and a charming center that's perfect for leisurely strolls. Don't miss out on an opportunity to experience this beauty.

Bari has served as a bustling commercial hub and trading port for thousands of years. Its prominence dates back to the Roman era when it was transformed into one of the most significant cities on the Adriatic coast. In 109 AD, Emperor Trajan redirected the existing Via Appia to pass through Bari, cementing its status as the capital of Puglia and effectively demoting Taranto.

There something for everyone, from high-end designer shops to local mom-and-pop stores, museums, theaters, and universities. With its central location, you can easily explore points north or south via the train or bus hub. Expect a typical Mediterranean climate with four distinct seasons. Winters are chilly and rainy, while spring and autumn offer perfect short-sleeved weather with blooming plants and harvests of olives, grapes, and chestnuts. Summers can be extremely hot and humid due to its proximity to the sea. However, it is also the season for an abundance of flavorful, colorful, and economical organically grown produce. Imagine picturesque red tomatoes, juicy watermelons, fresh purple garlic bulbs (with stalks attached for garlic braiding!), and peppers of all shapes and colors. The food alone is a reason to visit Bari, Italy.

Bari is a city that serves as a connection between the East and West and is renowned for its traditions and rich flavors. With a stunning waterfront and charming old town, this preeminent city boasts a wonderland of art and history. It's impossible not to fall in love at first sight with Bari and yearn to return to this enchanting place.

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