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Rich in history, culture, and adventure, Antigua awaits!
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Located in the Eastern Caribbean, the twin state of Antigua and Barbuda is an exotic paradise rich in history, culture, natural scenery and adventure. Antigua, the larger of the two islands, is home to the nation’s capital city, St. John’s and is known to have 365 pristine beaches, one for every day of the year. You will be intrigued by the charm, romance, beauty, tropical weather, isolation and personalized hospitality on this island. Take a trip to Nelson’s Dockyard, the island’s largest National Park and an eco-wonderland. For the more adventurous travelers, embark on a Rainforest Canopy Tour or swim with stingrays at Stringray City. For snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts, there are extensive coral reefs and marine life to explore in the turquoise waters of Antigua. Indulge in local delicacies such as Fungi and Pepperpot, the national dish, Antigua Black for dessert and freshly made ginger beer. Visit Antigua to experience the tranquility of this exotic paradise for yourself!

On Antigua, life is a beach. Its corrugated coasts cradle hundreds of perfect little strands lapped by beguiling enamel-blue water, while the sheltered bays have provided refuge for everyone from Admiral Nelson to buccaneers and yachties. If you can tear yourself away from that towel, you'll discover that there’s a distinct English accent to this island. You'll find it in the bustling capital of St John's, in salty-glamorous English Harbour, and in the historic forts and other vestiges of the colonial past. Yet, Antigua is also quintessential Caribbean, full of candy-colored villages, a rum-infused mellowness and bright-eyed locals that greet you with wide smiles.

You could opt to combine Miami and Antigua, only a 3 hour direct flight apart. The local currency is East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) although US Dollar is widely accepted. English is the official language and many locals speak Antiguan Creole. The time zone is UTC/GMT -4 hours.

The best time to go is the winter season, between mid-December and mid-April. By July and August it is much hotter but not usually unbearable. The dry season begins in January, and though there are sometimes droughts, the sunshine creates one of the most pleasant climates in the Caribbean. July to November is also hurricane season, and although Antigua doesn’t get too much rain, you should pack your umbrellas to be safe

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