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Exploring the bustling city or sunbathe on popular beaches, Alghero has something for everyone.
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Explore the Enchanting City of Alghero, Sardinia

If you are planning a trip to Sardinia, make sure to include Alghero in your itinerary. This Catalan enclave of less than 50,000 people is the fifth-largest city on the island. Despite attracting many tourists every year, it has managed to preserve its charm and local vibe. Alghero is home to one of the most beautiful coastal resorts on the island, boasting a natural bay that flows into the emerald sea.

Alghero offers a wide range of activities for visitors, including a visit to the historical center, nearby natural sites, and close-by villages. If you love the beach, you'll enjoy the famous Le Bombarde, Lazzaretto, Mugoni, Lido di San Giovanni, and Maria Pia dunes. The Porto Conte park features expanses of Mediterranean brush and dense woods, as well as prehistoric sites such as the Domus de Janas of Santu Perdu, the Anghelu Ruju necropolis, and the complexes of Palmavera and sant’Imbenia.

Alghero is famous for its fine coral, which is used locally with gold to make adornments. You can visit jewelers that sell jewelry made of this beautiful bright red or pink material. The city is also the birthplace of Antonio Marras, a well-known Italian designer.

Nature lovers and scuba diving enthusiasts will be delighted by Alghero's underwater caves. If you prefer to stay on dry land, drive up to the headland of Capo Caccia and descend the dramatic cliff steps to Neptune's Grotto.

Alghero is one of the best shopping hubs on the island. As the capital of Riviera del Corallo (Coral Riviera), you will find many jewelers that sell jewels made of coral.

The city hosts various events throughout the year, including the Giro d’Italia cycling event, Cap d’Any de l’Alguer, and Holy Week religious rites from the Spanish tradition.

Whether you want to spend your vacation lounging on the beach or exploring the city, Alghero is a perfect destination that has something for everyone.

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